Low 50 gallon minimum delivery!  No Hidden Fees!

Don't be left out in the cold.  Order your home heating oil and pay less for oil today!

Orders received before 11am will receive delivery by the end of the 2nd business day following the order. For example: an order placed at 10am on Monday will receive delivery by the end of the day on Wednesday. An order placed at 11:15am on Monday will receive delivery by the end of the day on Thursday.  

Please plan accordingly around weekends and Holidays.


What if I need Service?  We have listed below companies who provide oil burner service.  These companies are independant and obtaining there services will require you to contact them and make payment to them directly for their services.


Hampton Oil Burner Service

94 Valley Rd.

Southampton, MA  01073


Services offered include... Cleanings, Service, Installations & 24 Hr. Emergency Service Available!

Payment methods accepted include...  Cash or Check.


Buzzee's Htg. & AC

Westhampton, MA  01027

Office:  413-527-3412        Emergency/After Hrs.  413-246-3128

Services offered include... Cleanings, Service, Installations & 24 Hr. Emergency Service Available!

Payment methods accepted include...  COD only, Cash, Visa, MC & Discover.


Daniel Grunwald 


Licensed and Insured in CT and MA

Heating & Cooling.  Install and Service... Boilers, Furnaces, Hot Water Heaters, Heat Pumps.  Oil, Gas and Steam.  24 Hr. Service.


Why do I need to have an inspection of my oil tank prior to/during my first delivery?
Heating oil is considered a hazardous material. Even though it doesn’t explode and burn the way natural or lp gas might, it is expensive to clean up if there is contamination due to a spill. Insurance companies like to be sure homeowners’ oil storage tanks are safe and not leaking or seeping.


Does someone need to be home during inspection?
Yes, we ask that someone 18 or older is home during the first delivery/inspection. Please contact us if special arrangements are necessary.


Will I be charged any additional fees?
There are no additional fees for a standard oil delivery. If a customer has run out of oil and is in need of the oil line to be primed there will be an additional charge of $44.99 for this service. If a delivery is scheduled and we are unable to make the delivery (please see terms and conditions #3, #5) an attempted delivery fee of $44.99 will be charged.


Can I receive an emergency delivery?
No, unfortunately we do not provide emergency deliveries.We highly recommend ordering your heating oil when your oil tank gauge is between 1/4 – 3/8 to avoid running out of oil prior to our arrival for delivery.


Will weather conditions affect when I will receive my delivery?
Yes, the weather can play a role as to when we are able to make deliveries. Please be sure to order early to avoid a weather related delay. We do our best to be sure everyone receives their delivery but it is sometime unavoidable that for everybody’s safety, we must pull our trucks off the road due to hazardous conditions. It is requested that a clear driveway/path to your oil fill pipes be available to keep our drivers safe and assure we can make your delivery.


What if my oil tank will not accept the full delivery of my order?
If you order more gallons than your oil tank will accept then you will pay the higher price per gallon according to our tiered pricing. Example: You order 150 gallons and the price per gallon at the time for 150 gallon delivery is $3.00 per gallon and your tank will only accept 80 gallons … your credit card would be charged for 80 gallons at the price posted that day for an 80 gallon delivery or the price posted when you placed your order whichever price is higher. Deliveries are scheduled according location and number of gallons ordered. When a customer’s tank won’t take the full order it costs our company and therefore we must charge the customer for the short order.

Do you accept fuel assistance? We do not accept fuel assistance at this time.


What is the minimum number of gallons that I can order?
We allow customers to order as little as 50 gallons. This helps many customers order what they can comfortably pay for at the time. Please note: The more gallons ordered the less the price per gallon.


Feel free to contact us info@AnytimeOil.com if there is a question you have that we haven’t answered.