Terms and Conditions



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1.  You agree to allow AnytimeOil.com or representative of AnytimeOil.com to inspect your heating oil storage tank(s) and fill and vent piping during or prior to your first delivery.
2.  You agree the oil storage tank or tanks and associated piping (including oil lines) belong to you, or the property owner.  As such, we neither assume nor accept any responsibility for this equipment or its maintenance.  Remediation requirements resulting from spills, leaks or overfills due to the malfunction of this equipment are the sole responsibility of the tank owner.
3.  If you have more than one oil storage tank located anywhere on your property (this includes multi-family properties) it is your responsibility to clearly label each tank to prevent accidental fuel delivery to an incorrect or inactive storage tank.  We are not responsible for deliveries to incorrect tanks when tanks are not appropriately labeled, and we have not been notified in writing that multiple tanks are located on the property.  If we come to your property and are unable to clearly identify the intended delivery tank, we may not deliver and you agree to pay a $44.99 attempted delivery fee.
4.  It is our policy that any and all vent alarms (overfill protection) must be working properly to receive a delivery.  If a delivery is attempted and we find faulty equipment (non-working vent alarm) we may refuse to deliver ("No whistle, No Delivery") and may charge an attempted delivery fee of $44.99.  The vent alarm must be repaired at the owner's/customer's expense prior to further deliveries.
5.  Conditions of Delivery.  You agree to provide us with safe and unobstructed access to your fuel tank.  We will not be liable for any damage or loss if we cannot deliver your fuel because (a) we cannot access your fuel tank; (b) a dangerous or unsanitary condition exists in or around the premises, which may include a wild, unruly or menacing domestic animal; or (c) we are prevented by circumstances beyond our control, such as, acts of terrorism, war, riot, blockade, embargo, strike, lockout, fire, explosion, flood, extreme adverse weather, accident, shortage of fuel, labor, transport or electricity, act of any governmental authority


AnytimeOil.com and anyone associated with and/or representing AnytimeOil.com will not be liable for damage or loss caused by failure to make deliveries due to labor shortage, strikes, weather or conditions beyond our control.  AnytimeOil.com will not be responsible for any damages in either direct or indirect manner.  Any and all heating equipment failure, regardless of cause will be the sole responsibility of the homeowner/customer. By clicking "Complete Order" you agree to all terms and conditions.
What to expect when I complete my order
1.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail for your order by the end of the next business day (Monday – Friday). If for some reason you do not receive confirmation please contact our office info@AnytimeOil.com or (413) 527-4 Oil.  Our office will be closed on all federal holidays and weekends.
2.  Orders received before 11am will receive delivery by the end of the 2nd business day following the order.  For example: an order placed at 10am on Monday will receive delivery by the end of the day on Wednesday.   An order placed at 11:15am on Monday will receive delivery by the end of the day on Thursday.
 If an order must be cancelled you must contact us immediately at (413) 527-4 Oil.  Orders can ONLY be cancelled prior to our scheduling the delivery.  Cancelled, unwanted, multiple or withdrawn orders will be assessed a mandatory 4% processing fee which you agree to pay.
3.  Your credit card will be charged immediately upon clicking "Complete Order".  You will be charged for the amount of gallons ordered.  By clicking "Complete Order", you also agree that you have reviewed and understand the "Terms and Conditions" as well as "what to expect when I complete my order" on the AnytimeOil.com website.  If you are owed a refund, the refund will be made by check and mailed to you.  If for any reason you require a refund to your credit card, you agree to a $5 credit card refund processing fee.
4.  We are not responsible for any delay or failure to perform our obligations under these Terms if there is an event beyond our reasonable control, including, without limitation, any of the following types of events: fuel or labor shortage, an interruption in deliveries from our suppliers, embargoes, strikes, riots, war, terrorism, accidents, disorders, acts of God, or acts of any type by any governmental authority.  In each and every case, we have the right either to cancel or to postpone any delivery without any liability whatsoever.